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Green Innovations Inc.
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Introduction to RSTI and Philip Sutton

Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc. (RSTI)

RSTI was founded in May 2011. Its a non-profit organisation that engages in strategy development and related research and and strategic engagement to catalyse the urgent initiation of a full scale transition to a sustainable economy – focusing especially on the very rapid emergence of the necessary social and political commitment to make this transition possible.

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Philip Sutton (link to bio-note) is the Manager of RSTI.

Greenleap Strategic Institute

GSI is a non-profit sustainability think-tank dedicated to driving urgent action to resolve the sustainability emergency.  The Institute was founded in 2005 in response to the rapidly growing awareness of the seriousness of the climate change issue.

The most significant project of the Institute so far has been its involvement in co-authoring the book Climate Code Red.

GSI is an operating arm of Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc.

Green Innovations Inc.

Founded in 1991, Green Innovations is a non-profit environmental think-tank and environmental services organisation.

It was established to be a catalyst for the achievement of global and local sustainability.

Green Innovations:

Green Innovations worked in the areas of:
- environmental management systems for sustainability-promoting organisations
- green economic strategies / greening the market for sustainability
- biodiversity life-cycle assessment
- mobilising for sustainability.

Contact details for RSTI:
(Greenleap Strategic Institute & Green Innovations)

PO Box 27
Fairfield (Melbourne) VIC 3078
Tel : +61 3 9078-9746

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